Archidona offers, together with the richness of its urban and monumental landscape, the attractiveness of its natural spaces, which encourage the practice of rural and sustainable tourism and sports with low environmental impact such as: hiking, mountain biking, photographic hunting, etc.

Artistic heritage of the area

Archidona hosts a rich and diverse heritage that has been preserved generation after generation and that throughout history has marked its identity through different monuments and its deep traditional roots.

Archidona has an upper part where the old Villa Alta de la Ciudad is located with the Castle-Mosque Complex Hermitage Virgen de Gracia, its patron saint. On the other hand, in Villa Baja, is the Historical Center and current Archidona.

The Villa Alta is known as the Muslim Archidona, one of the Spanish places of greatest interest and has the walled enclosure, the Mosque (current Hermitage of the Virgen de Gracia), the Castle, and the Hermitage.

Villa Baja is the modern and contemporary Archidona where its octagonal square built at the end of the 18th century and the Church of Santa Ana, the first Christian temple after the conquest from the Arabs, stand out.

Natural environment

In addition to its great historical and artistic heritage, we cannot forget that Archidona has a natural environment that makes it unique. Walk through the Lagunas de Archidona Nature Reserve, the Hoz de Arroyo Marín ideal for a hiking trail next to the river, or its spectacular Via Ferrata where you can enjoy spectacular views.

This environment invites you to walk, relax, bird watch or practice active tourism and sustainable tourism. A large number of spaces where you can enjoy the tranquility and contact with the fauna, flora and people of this wonderful area of Andalusia. All a pleasure.

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