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Hiking is the most practiced activity in the world of nature and is suitable for the whole family. We are very close to two stages of La Gran Senda de Málaga, as well as interesting routes. You can get more information about the hiking trails at the following link:

Vias Ferratas

A via ferrata is both a vertical and horizontal itinerary equipped with different materials: nails, cables, dams, handrails, chains, steps, suspension bridges and zip lines, which allow access to a type of hiking public that is not used to climbing on places of difficult access equipped with security. This depends on a steel cable installed along the entire length of the track and anchored every few meters and we are secured to it.

We are very close to several via ferratas where you can enjoy this activity:
Via Ferrata of Archidona (Cerro Virgen de Gracia).
Via Ferrata of Cuevas de San Marcos (Falla del Camorro).
Via Ferrata of Villanueva del Rosario (Hondodero).
Via Ferrata of Villanueva del Trabuco.


Canyoning is a very exciting and fun activity that requires knowledge of certain techniques, as well as some physical fitness. It can be done by anyone even without having any previous experience.


This term encompasses a group of various adventure activities that are combined with each other, either on the same day, on a weekend or for more days, which may or may not be connected to each other. For example, we can propose a multi-adventure day in which the participants go climbing in the morning and caving in the afternoon. Other multi-adventure activities can be: zip lines, monkey bridge, Tibetan bridge, rappelling, orienteering races, arborism, archery, etc.


We propose different caves, some of the limestone type with typical formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and others excavated on gypsum materials, more unusual, in some places wider and in others narrower that will force us to be more agile and flexible.


Climbing is an activity that within active tourism is one of the most intense. It consists of climbing steep and inclining walls, using physical and mental strength. We can advise you on the most exciting and spectacular places to enjoy this experience, as well as the companies that provide material if you do not have your own.

Mountain Crossing

The mountain crossing, a variant of mountaineering, is a physical activity that consists of making routes or crossings through normally isolated places, mountain ranges, mountain systems, etc. in order to have fun and enjoy impressive views.

Winter Mountaineering

The Veleta peak, at 3,396 meters, is the second highest peak in Sierra Nevada and the fourth in Spain and is located just over two hours from Archidona. This peak allows ascents both in winter and summer and is characterized by the incredible high mountain environment and for being of a low-medium level in which basic progression and self-arrest techniques are put into practice. The route that starts from Hoya de la Mora is a classic winter route in Sierra Nevada. We can contact you with guides who will take you without worrying about anything, just to enjoy and live this great experience in the Sierra Nevada National Park, the reference in southern Spain for high mountains.

Survival Activities

The courses and workshops seek to make the natural environment known in a different way, learn what we can obtain from it, how to orient ourselves, how to make tools with natural resources, how to recognize edible plants or how to build a shelter to spend the night.

The short-term workshops (half a day or a day) work on specific topics, such as lithic carving, bone carving, leather work or obtaining fire. It is ideal to do it with the little ones.

Gastronomic tourism

Andalusian cuisine, a rich heritage from the settlements of so many past civilizations, from their ways of preparing native products from the land and from those that were imported from their countries of origin and that are now part of the products of our land, is one of the most powerful ethnographic manifestations of our peoples.

We organize meals at home or in restaurants in the area with a wide gastronomic variety.


Gastronomy of Archidona

Some typical dishes of the kitchen of Archidona are the moorish casserole, the egg stew, the Archidonian porra and the must porridge.

For those with a sweet tooth, we do not forget the typical Archidona sweets: butter buns, oil buns, fried donuts and pestiños, along with the famous “Dulces de las Monjas Mínimas” + info:


Wine and oil tastings

Get to know the world of wine and oil through tastings in wineries and mills in the area. In addition, we organize personalized tastings in the farmhouse with great masters.

Malaga Wine

Málaga wine is characterized by its wide range of colours, aromas and flavours, bringing a multitude of sensations to the tastings and making “Málaga” a wine that invites you to discover and live a unique experience through the palate.

Colors from yellow to black; floral and fruity aromas, in the youngest wines, and complex in the aged and trans-aged wines; and flavors ranging from varietals to those typical of very aged wines, and from dry to sweet, allow us to choose a “Málaga” according to our taste for each moment.

In the kitchen, “Málaga” wine brings all its organoleptic complexity, resulting in dishes that are authentic delicacies. Cocktails, and the manufacture of ice cream, are other of the most recommended gastronomic uses of Málaga wine.

The wines of D.O. Sierras de Málaga, whites, reds and rosés complete Málaga’s wine offer, with natural wines and wines with a great display of aromas.

Discover more about Malaga wines at the following link:


Visit an Oil Mill

Malaga has become a benchmark in the production of high quality extra virgin olive oils (EVOO). Rare varieties, from early harvests or even from ancient olive trees, some Malaga olive oils have a “premium” category for their extreme quality and limited supply, counting among their oils national and international awards.

Among the Malaga producing areas of “liquid gold” are Bobadilla, Villanueva del Trabuco, Casabermeja, Antequera, and of course Archidona, where excellent quality extra virgin olive oil is produced.

Oil mill (from Arabic المعصرة, al-maʿṣara, “the press”) is the place, mill or industry where oil is obtained from olives or olives.

Enjoy visits and experiences related to liquid gold, being able to see how some products such as AOVE are made. Taste excellent extra virgin olive oils, such as hojiblanca, picual, manzanilla or verdial.

Cooking Workshops

You can complete your experience in our rural houses with a personalized cooking workshop, so that your stay is fun and familiar. Our cooking workshops are tailored to your needs and at home.

For kids

In the children's cooking workshops, we teach the little ones to order, tidy up, clean, and of course they learn that cooking can be something very fun and done in a good mood. For this reason, in our workshops, we work as a team, from planning the dish to collecting it from the kitchen. This learning can be applied later, every day, at home.

For Family

In our family cooking workshops we transmit the importance of good habits through healthy menus; teamwork when organizing both the menus and the preparation and subsequent collection of the kitchen as a family, but always from the fun.

For Adults

We also offer cooking workshops for adults. It's never too late! Cooking helps to relax and gastronomy is part of our culture. You can do different workshops depending on the type of cooking you want to learn.

Cultural tourism

Andalusia has become in recent years one of the most complete tourist destinations in the world, as it offers a multitude of activities both at sea and in the mountains, it is the cradle of the Mediterranean diet and offers a very diverse cultural variety as a result of the different civilizations that have passed through our land.

You can take a cultural tourist route, which will discover the historical-artistic heritage, gastronomy, traditions, Holy Week, folklore and crafts from Archidona, Malaga or Andalusia.

The cultural wealth of Andalusia will transport you to the earliest antiquity, with important archaeological sites, a legacy of the different cultures and civilizations that settled in this beautiful and rich land in southern Spain.

If, in addition to disconnecting in the middle of nature, you fancy a quick urban getaway, in just half an hour by car you will be in Malaga and you can visit all its historical heritage: The Alcazaba, the Cathedral, the Roman Theater… its historic center, visit the Thyssen Museum, the Pompidou Center at Muelle uno, stroll by the sea and eat some sardine skewers on the beach. In Malaga you will find a wide range of activities to enjoy the leisure, culture and gastronomy of the city.

Given the excellent location of our houses, in just one hour by car, you can visit the Alhambra in Granada, the Córdoba Mosque or the Giralda in Seville.

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